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English Short Poem (She)

Written By: William T Fearby

Written Date: 27\01\2019

She doesn’t care about anything anymore

She just sits and cries behind a closed door

Her life has lost all meaning she’s just waiting to die

She lost everything she had and can’t work out why


Her heart is so badly broken she sees no way back

She can’t see any way to get her life back on track

Nobody seems to care about what she’s going through

They all seem to ignore her they don’t know what to do


They have watched her go through this pain before

But this time the pain has hurt her so much more

She struggles to make sense of everything he said

She was so full of life now she wants to be dead


He made her fall in love with him then cast her away

He told her he loved her but said he couldn’t stay

She begged him to stay as he walked out the door

That was more than she could take it was the final straw


She gave up everything for him she gave up her life

A successful business woman a mother and wife

Her husband really loved her but she wanted more

So she left him and threw away the key to the door


Now she has lost everything even the will to live

She really loved her lover she had so much to give

But she has burnt all her bridges and has nowhere to go

Her life is melting away and dying like a single flake of snow


All she has left of her life are memories full of heartache and pain

The tablets and the alcohol are starting to numb her troubled brain

She lies in her safe haven of her lonely empty double bed

Thinking about everything she has lost wishing she was dead


She starts to fall into a deep sleep with tears in her eyes

Trying to make sense of all the deceit and cruel lies

Her life is nearly over snuffed out like a burning flame

As she draws her final breath she knows she is the one to blame

Writer: Shivani Vyas

Girl you can't make him stay,

If he really wanna walk away..

You can't make him love you,

Cause that love won't ever be true..

You shouldn't expect him to call,

Cause he was the one to built a wall..

Sometimes we don't get,

Though we want it so bad..

Sometimes dreams do get shattered,

Only you know how much those dreams mattered..

Suddenly you feel so heavy while breathing,

And when he ended it, my legs were literally shaking..

I was crying in pain thinking I've lost him forever, 

I can't even process the thought that we won't be talking ever..

Years of togetherness ended just in a second,

Now living with emptiness which will never be ended..

I feel so helpless as I'm dying everyday,

Cause my reason to smile has gone away..

It feels like I won't be able to survive, 

But I think this heartbreak was my lesson of life !

Poem Title : About Love
Poem Writer : singer Worldstar

How will you feel when someone

you are loving is not reciprocating?

what will you mutter when ur love

is not valued?

how will I sleep when my crush 

is not ready to be mine?

love is sweet with the right one

cool with the nice one

amazing with the special one

but sour with the unfaithful one

life is good with two feeling  love for each other

super for groups feeling love for one another

love in place is joy in place

but it's impossible to use any other thing to replace

show love to d one caring about you

pardon d one dat hurt you

this will resist your mind from being troubled

and ur blessings should  be doubled

Poem Title: Missing You

Writer: Ahuva Cahchyashvili

Here you are again

Appear in my life

Just when I thought

 How to forgot you

Just when I thought

How to  move on

Just when I thought

 how to feel again

Here you are

 standing on my mind

Taking my hope to new level

The willing to smile again

My wishes 

My dreams

Seems from the distance oceans

I look at your picture

Nothing has changed

You look exactly the same

The same way that I left you

Your sad eyes

Your desperate soul

Your tough smile

Showing everyone 

 That you still strong

You look so close

Even from this distance

I can see your reflation

I can hear your voice call me

I can feel your presence

Nothing has changed

 Nothing but me

Not the same again

Not the same way were you left you

Come and  listen to my heart crying

Come and touch my feelings again

Come and smell our sweet wishes

Come and tell  me beautiful story

Like you the only one can do

Come and be here  with me 

when I need you to

Come and hug me 

delete all my pain

Tell me that everything will be ok

Can you hear my voice calling you

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