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Best English Short poems Written by different writers and poet around the world these short English poem are short sweet and easy to remember. 

Poem Title: Sea of Uncertainty Poem Writer: William T Fearby. Written Date:10/03/2020

Cast on the sea of uncertainty 
Hopes dashed upon the rocky shore
All feelings washed out with the tide
Of a love that doesn’t exist anymore 

Taken away with the ebb and flow
Of time In the dark foamy brine
Washed away from the pain of eternity
Lost forever in the anneals of space and time

Floating aimlessly  in lost waters
Destined Never to be seen again
Leaving devastation behind you
A broken heart so full of pain

A wound that can never be mended
Cruelly inflicted for the rest of all time
Imprinted on my heart and soul forever
An irreversible painful crime

Learning to trust is never easy
When your heart has been broken in two
I know I will never trust anyone again
I put all my love and trust in you

But you cast me adrift on the sea of uncertainty 
With no though of how that I might feel
Your love was just a bitter fruit

To bitter and twisted for me to peel

Poem Title: Gold in my tiny roomPoem Writer: Pema Gyelmo(First Six Lines) and Yeshi Gyeltshen(Second Six Lines)Written date: 12/07/2020

The day,  you entered into my tiny room,
Millions of pains had erased,
A pair of watery diamond dried up,
And I caught an euphoric life.
I got a room-full of things before,
But those are futile in yours absence.

Abruptly, you entered to my room,
Along with a shape of tranquil.
I am feeling tedious by nature,
But you chill out my tedious brain,
You are grave and sagacious person,
Who had given me a euphoric life to be signed.

Poem Title: My childhoodPoem Writer: Yeshi GyeltshenWritten Date: N/a

The time when i was
Kicked out from the mother's womb to
This peaceful world with happiness

On the face of parents
I cry when I was born to
To Peace and harmony place 

I use to drink milk
With a brightened smile on my face
Which is for six months

I never stopped loving milk
After six months I use to drink
Even when mother's is working

I use to cry on
Shedding tears like the rain from sky
But after sometime it stops.

Poem Title: Twisted faith
Written By: Yeshi Gyeltshen
Written Date: 14/04/2020

Rewinding of river is never.
Impossible is with holding of time.
Counting blessing is must.
As to be single is a final call.

Deception is like choice.
Must leave it as their option.
No love is rich and poor.
It's the arts of faith.

I adore you
And words I can utter.
Love wont hurt us.
Because love loves us.

Being in love is but.
Like foolage in a woods.
Blinded by many folds.
Celebrating tears of pain.

Poem Title: Show me heaven 🔥🌹Poem Writer: Oscar stuta

Saying love is difficult.
Saying sorry is even harder.
Saying goodbye is always possible.
Say leave at least every day.
Say come back not everyone can do that.
You can say love but is difficult to prove.

I love you with all my heart, body and mind.
My skin aches for your touch.
My mind needs your thoughts.
My ears can't live a day without the sound of your voice.
I shiver every time you let go of my hand.

My heart beats like crazy whenever i lay my eyes on you.
I assure you that this will never change.
Every little inch of my body is in love with you.
With everything that you are.
I am mesmerized by your laughter.
Your kind smile.
The way you gaze at me when you utter the words i love you.

Know that you are in my heart. 
Distance is never barrier. 
Whenever you tell me 'i love you' darling. 
My heart starts beating faster. 
Your love is like a melody for my heart. 
As long as i breath i will never stop listening to it. 
My heart beat if you knew how many times you come to my mind . 
When i am in my dreams. 
You're part of everything i do and think about. 
I want you to know this will never change. 
You send my burning love to heaven when you are around.

Poem Title: Your side of the bed Poem Writer:Oscar stuta

I like exploring different styles of writing. 

So this one was one of those moments where i just tap into a stream of being romantic.

On this day i want to do a confession.
I dream of being near you.
You are very nice to me and pleasant.

By the way you are gallant and beautiful..
Endowed with good strength..
Will you write me day and night?
I will wait with anticipation 😍

Touch your lips to me
I am dying without your warmth.
I want to soar into the sky.
As in a dream.
Only with you i'm flying into another world.
We will pass with you through time.
Let the planets and stars explode.

We'll tear apart the measurements.
Imagine... I hugged you.
Sat on your knees.
Captivating my affection
Slightly delaying time.
Imagine that i whisper to you.
Touching your lips slightly.
The fact that i want you.
To be by your side of the bed🌹😍 

Poem Writer: Oludare Precious Matthew
This poem enlighten the nature of man, attribute, loneliness of a man.
It explain that a truth can no long be long hidden in this world. Truth matters most 

He was a baby, he went down and lay 
When he was sick 
In the month of may 
So lonely and so meek
Everybody always see him 
He was in happy and lonely 
But people didn't know him
He so sick, He walks slowly
Shake his head everyday 
He has no friend
He was born the month of may 
Poverty is bad 
Poverty is shame 
Poverty won't be my friend.

People of the world are desperate of tell lies but never know that secret can never be long hidden it will be reveal one day.
Shadow is there watching your steps and moves.

Poem Title: Shadow
Poem Writer: Oludare Precious Matthew

Every one has it 
But no one can lose it 
Shows when you're hidden
Reveals when secret 
It is created with us 
It is within us.

There no hidden secret
Every secret kept will be reveal
Because everyone has a hidden thing 
Do not think its hidden
If think so, not for long 
It will be reveal to the world one day

It goes where you go, see what you see
Because it is you
The creator has created everything perfectly 
He made us with it 
So, why keeping secret and not telling the truth? 
I will not be found guilty of you. Shadow!

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