Burn Yourself | English Short poems | Written By Yeshi Gyeltshen

Poem Title: Burn YourselfWritten by: Yeshi GyeltshenWritten Date: 15/07/2020

Fire doesn't burn by nature
They have to need a substance to burn
Drinking id their atrocious habits
As it defeat them

Sun burn by nature itself
Flames of sun makes sun shine
Moon has a dark light of it's own
But sun makes it shine in night

To shine in the future
You have to burn yourself
No one is there to burn you
You have to be your own

Listen to the advice you get
Write the thought you think
Speak to the public to gain confidence
Read the novel books which will benefit you

Be the person who can consider you
From the head to toe
Be a sagacious person
To whom you can show your talents

Be perfect person
Be bold
Be sagacious
To compete your opponents

Defeat them
Win the competition
Participate in
You will be one of the intelligence of them

Poem Title: COVID 19 Pandemic
Poem Wrtiter:  Yeshi Gyeltshen

Days piled up with weeks,

And months at school;

Having playful times with friends,

Before Corona came to rule.


At the time I heard the news

I felt anxious about my parents,

And also about the things going on

In and around my surroundings.


We all were confined in home quarantine

After Corona cases were detected.

The world itself went into isolation,

As Corona brought massive destruction.


Millions of people the world over,

Lost their precious lives;

God has yet to answer my prayers

For the world and for those affected.


Cases have been increasing

Each day over time

Which has made the world be strict,

Even more so than before.


Brilliant scientists all over the globe

Are all busy in making a vaccine;

Sagacious doctors have lost their lives,

May they be reborn in Paradise.


My prayers for the world this day

Are to vanish the coronavirus

And let the world sow the seeds

Of peace and prosperity.

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