Love yourself | English Poetry | Hindi Status Quote | Driq Wright

Love yourself -  Written By Driq Wright

You beautiful the way you are: you don't need any makeup on your face, you are beautiful the way God created. You don't need fake hair on your head or false nails I like you natural just The way you are. 

You are a precious diamond that God put on this earth, but why destroy yourself by trying to fit in with the wrong crowd or letting the Devil come in and make you out of a promiscuous female. 

You don't need to twerk just to get attention. You should not have to wear tight or see-through clothing to show how thick you are. You should not have to get bigger breasts or show your cleavage everywhere you go to get somebody to look at you. I know it's your money, but you don't need to be a show-off. 

You don't need plastic surgery or any other items to hide the way God made you. Baby girl, you beautiful the way you are, if anybody doesn't accept you for who you are or not trying to help reach your goals than that person not for you. 

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