English Short Poem | What If | Hindi Status Quote

Sometimes in life, we hide our real nature and cover ourselves with the cloth of pretence, when we try to come out to the world to be ourselves, we are faced with so many rhetoric of "what ifs" ENJOY!

Poem Title: What if?Poem Writer: Oluwaleye Adedoyin Grace

What if I show the world the real me,

will she accept me the way she had accepted me?

What if I let my flaws out,
Will I be loved like ever before?

What if I uncover my imperfections,
Will I be treated the same way?

What if I let out my hidden secrets,
Will you not call me names?

What if I tell you my past,
Will you never let me go as you've promised?

What if I become the exact opposite of what you've known me for,
Will you appreciate the changes?

What if I continue being me,
Will you love me for who I am?

What if I tell you everything was a lie,
Will you ever trust me again?

What if I pretend to be fine,
Will you see the pain hidden within?

What if I show you how I feel,
Will you be kind to return the stolen heart?

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