My Love is Real | Sweet Love Poem | Written By William T Fearby

Title: My love is real
Written By: William T Fearby 

I’m falling in love with you

Since the first time I saw your face

You make my palms go sweaty

And my heart starts to race


I don’t know how to tell you

But my feelings are real

Every time I see your picture

I want to tell you how I feel


But I’m scared to open up to you

Because I know you won’t feel the same

Then I will lose you as a friend forever

My stupid pride will be to blame


I can’t live my life like this

Loving you messes with my head

Especially when you don’t notice me

I might just as well be dead


I notice all the men online chase you

So I know I don’t stand a chance

I’m just a shy humble person

Looking for some love and romance


But I know you will never notice me

I’m not even on your  friends list

You never answer any of my comments

That really makes me pissed


But I can’t help the way I feel about you

I love you more and more each day

Just to see your beautiful picture

Drives me crazy in every way


But I know you will never love me

The way that I love you

My heart is totally smitten

And I don’t know what else  to do


So I guess I will carry on admiring you

In my little world of loneliness and hope

And keep my secret crush on you

For as long as I can possibly cope


Don’t think I am a stalker

I can’t help the way you make me feel

To you I know I am nothing

But to you my love is real

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