Fire And Ice English short Poem

fire and ice short poem

Here is the short and beautiful poem written by Raynard. 

Fire And Ice

With a single roll of the dice

She tore my heart in two

Turning my soul, cold as ice

Until the day I met you

Never believing in love again

I walked the world all alone

But you came in my domain

And made me feel at home

The warmth, I felt from you

Was becoming very heartfelt,

Everything you’d say and do

Was causing my soul to melt

I began to grow feelings inside

As you was filling all my desires

Your heart, taking me for a ride

Until you unleashed your fires

Doubled crossed by your soul

I had fallen victim to a scheme

As your soul was black as coal

And your fires were too extreme

A victim of your dark love, I fell

But you were Satan’s dark saint

Taking my soul, straight to hell,

I followed you, without constraint.

A frozen soul, melted by your fire

You have taken me to a new level

Because your dark love, I admire

though you sold me to the devil

You were the fire, I was the ice

Two souls that forged together

And became another sacrifice

Sentenced to life in hell, forever

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