Two way road Short poem Written by William T Fearby

This is an short beautiful poem love poem written by William T Fearby .

english love poem

Two way road 

Love is a two way road

But to you it’s a one way street

It’s not very often someone comes along

Who can sweep you off your feet


They fill your life with happiness

They fill your heart with joy

But that is very short lived

To her you are only just a toy


To pick up and to be played with

Then casually tossed aside

And like a stupid fool you go back

What has happened to your pride


She uses and abuses you

And then she walks out of your life

Saying I’m not looking for love

Her words cut through you like a knife


But still you run back to her

Like a moth to a burning flame

It’s because you don’t know any better

You are just a pawn in her little game


When will you ever learn

That she is not for you

She will only take your heart

And break it all in two


But still you will run back to her

Your broken heart gives you no choice

You hang on everything she tells you

You live just to hear her voice


You know she has never wanted you

But you still run to her side

You know that she is using you

You let her take you for a ride


One day you will come to your senses

And realise what true love is supposed to be

A two way road to love and happiness

Not a one way street with no entry

(C)@William T Fearby

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