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Top 10 Best Love Poems collection. 

1. Heart Broken Written By Tasha

Why did You break my heart?

Why did You not listening to me?

Why did You choose to believe other people instead of me?

Why did You treat me this way?

Why did You show Yours in my life?

I wish I never met You

I wish I never knew You

I wish that I never had fallen in love with You

I wish I never  trusted You with  my heart

I wish I never had feelings for You

YOU left me shattered

YOU left me crying for You

YOU left me heartbroken

YOU said mean things about me

YOU spoke bad things about me that are not true.

2. Break Written By William T Fearby

I never meant to hurt you 

I guess it was just one big mistake

I only agreed to see her to talk 

Because we were on a break

I guess one thing led to another 

And The wine went to my head

I don’t understand what happened 

But we both ended up in bed

I am really sorry baby for all the Hurt and pain

That I have put you through

But we were on a break you said 

And the decision was made purely by you

You know how much I loved you 

And that I didn’t want to be apart

But you were the one Who wanted a break 

It really broke my heart

I never planned for this to happen  

I was upset and  broken up inside

I sent you numerous Text messages 

But you Never once replied

What was I supposed to think 

You never gave me a single clue

How could I go on forever sitting and waiting 

For a reply from you

You never took me into consideration 

You just left me feeling lost and alone

What was I supposed to think 

When you couldn’t  be bothered to answer your phone

Now you say that I  betrayed you 

But you  were the one who said we were on a break

You have sent messages to all my friends 

Saying I’m nothing but a two timing evil snake

Why don’t you tell them all the truth 

But no that won’t happen it would make you look bad

Instead you would rather spout all your lies 

And tell everyone I have made you sad

But we both know the truth 

You were the one who left me sad and blue

Lying on my double bed All alone 

Crying my eyes out  for days over you

3. Broken Promises Written By Mary Fran

 You told me to wait patiently that you would find me ...

  I am still here screaming your name over and over all the same....

 You said you would be my light 

    Guide my path in the night 

But now l lie alone all these tears blur my sight as your not here...

 My heart bleeds cause i fell hard to the floor..

  But were are you ,you act as though you love me no more...

      Where are you???

 You said you'd wipe my tears if i ever i fell promises and dream  

     Oh!! you would tell...

   My pillow soaked each night till my eyes tight.. 

     Out goes the light... 

 Yet again and again the lies continues.

     The same ones over and over again you ask..

 You held my hands ,whispering loved words in my ears..

   But broken promises are all i have and oh of course the tears...

 I 'm so broken i don't know

   Were u start and i end...

 My heart,

  Oh my heart tears endless,oh the pain within..

 Yet again and again the lies continues..

     The same ones over and over again 

  You use..

 Even the rain pour hitting me hard ...

  Right now has only added more to my sorrows ..

 Because i know..

   When i awake..

 Tomorrow,the broken promises shall follow....

 I will cry..

  Till this broken promises

  Gently fade away ... 

4. My Love Written By Angelica Solar Bautista

My love, don't feel sorry

When you can't afford anything fancy

For your love, loyalty, and consistency

Are enough for me.

My love, don't worry

When you can't give me extraordinary gifts

'cause they are too pricey.

I don't care about the luxury

For I believe that genuine happiness can

never be bought by money.

What matters most is your sincerity.

You dream of having all the finer things in

life 'cause you only want the best for me.

Honestly, I am more than contented for 

the love you've given me.

My love, don't feel sorry

When we can't have a cozy place to stay.

I don't care wherever we lay

For as long as you are with me.

My love, don't worry

When you can't get the things you desire


Continue to strive hard and bigger

opportunities will come your way.

Always pray, for with God, there is possibility Just  your eyes and tell me what you see. You will see the happiness into u,  so find it and don't be afraid anymore. 

Just be your self and u will be the greatest in the world.


Her character made me sit

And I thought she was perfect 

Was blind because of the love I saw

I imagined that feeling will last

But when I’m alone, I see sadness at my door. 

I tried prompting her that I was still there

But she made up her mind and didn’t care

I never knew it was over

Till she started doing things on her own

Was really uncomfortable but she didn’t bother.

Now she has left without a goodbye 

I’ve got no energy to cry

As I write this, memories flood me

They remind of all we used to be

And now, it’s difficult to agree.

“BREAKUP ISN’T A BREAKDOWN”, my heart said from its view

So I’m ready to let go 

Won’t call this an end but a start

To fix the holes she left

It may take time, but will soon clean her fingerprints.


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